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Debbie Symons

Daryla Allred - Director

​​​​Allred Construction

Jerral & Kathy Allred

Alpar Energy

American Legion

Bill Mac Enterprises

Charlotte & Co.

​Jim & Penny Clark

Courson Oil & Gas

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DeWitt Brothers Roofing

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​FirstBank Southwest

First National Bank Perryton

Gorman & Phillips Construction

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Kay Allison - President

Save the date for our Fall Fundraiser, September 25th. We will let you know details soon. The board also voted to join in the Wheatheart parade in August. We haven't done that in a few years.  Kerry Symons volunteered one of his antique cars and Daryla came up with the idea for a King & Queen (Senior Prom- get it?) I think that sounds like fun too.

​​​Hope you all have a Great Week!  Stay safe, stay cool and stay healthy! 

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Joe Johnson - Vice President

Board Members

Brenda Griffin - Secretary-Treasurer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Harveys Electric 
Interstate Bank​

KXDJ-Samples Broadcasting

Lemon Law Firm

Larry & Louise McLain

Randy & Janice McLain

Ochiltree General Hospital


Perryton Office Supply

Perryton National Bank

​Phil Dollar Oilfield

Security Ins. Agency

​Siewert Clinic

Whitehead Chiropractic Center

Shawn Bogard

Linda Kile

Zulema Miranda

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The Casino Crew - Sharon Graves, Herman and Caroline Lowery, Cliff McGarraugh, Bill Philly, Evelyn Day, Larry Louise McLain, Francis Aston and Daryla Allred. 

Looks like they had fun!

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Ochiltree Senior Citizens Association

1200 SW 15th Perryton TX 79070 US

Phone: 806 435 9909