Remembering Special Moments

​Here's our Nancy Cain , the best Chef in our world at the Senior Citizens Center. 

Merary Ojeda  Ex-Employee still helps us at Special Events. Love her.

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Mother's Day Crowd

Randy & Janice McLain What a pair they are someone once said they are joined at the hip and I think that is right.  They have been a blessing to the Center.


​Bruce & Jolene Julian. Bruce is no longer with us and we miss him. He was a Prince of a Man. Jolene is also precious. 

Sue Morgan & Patty Payne relaxing. 

Remembering Things That Are Special

Debbie Symons, Director

Debbie is doing a fantastic job. We are so blessed.

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Nancy,Linda, Merary & Norma having way too much fun.

  • Most of the regular members know Larry and I have been part of the fixtures at the Center for many years. I had the reputation of being the first in line to eat and even though there were some who could pass me by they just humored me and let me go first. I haven't been able to do that for quite some time. These past few months have not been kind to me health wise. I don't have good balance and my walking skills have gone south. Larry has been getting take-out meals for us and many are asking the question WHERE ARE THE McLAINS? and rightfully so. I do appreciate the concern and it is good to be missed. Most of all I covet your prayers and hopefully I can be back bossing like I always have. Larry had to remind me quite a lot I didn't run the place. This Center has been a part of us and our hearts so thank you and we do love you and we still get our good meals.   LOVE YOU,  Louise McLain.

Norma Gonzalez (Love this girl)

Shelia Harris, Second term President of the Board of Directors. She has done a great job. Thank You Shelia. 

Kathy and Jerrall Allred's Anniversary

                  Zuly Sosa                         Nancy Cain                    Norma Gonzalez

                                             ( Our wonderful Employees)