A look at the crowd at the Senior Citizens Monday July 9th came to enjoy Mexican Pile-on and Rice Krispy Treats.

Bet you can't guess who left this. The one and only. For those who live here you know for sure but those who don't know this is something Harold Courson leaves on a regular basis and gives them to everyone he sees.

Zack Cain, ready to party

​OGH employees  under the direction of Zulema Miranda.

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​Checking Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol & Oxygen Level. 

Ashley Boyd,  Patient Care Coordinator

Kim Ellison, Lab. Jesi Robison, MCT

Wednesday, June 13,2018

We were happy to have the Quilters eat lunch with us today.  I told one of them I didn't know all their names and so we would just call them the quilters and she said that's what we are. ( Larry has a new camera and he didn't like the color. It is too light but it is still a good picture. 

Monday, June 18th

Larry & Louise McLain 6/18/18

​Haley Hill, RN  Corina Ramirez, FNP, Jessica Holt, RN

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