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Joe Meraz, County Attorney and Harold Courson

Joe having dinner with us today. Somehow this table just kept growing. Bruce and Ruth Roberson, Gay Lynn ,Daryla and Larry.Then George Zoller, the retired Superintendent came by and they ask him to try to straighten Gay Lynn out... George said why should I try now, I made such a mess of it the first time. There was a lot of laughter with that remark. 

                                                                      Louise McLain 10/11/17

Larry & Louise McLain   10/18/17

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Cliff McGarraugh, Janye Pointer, Scott McGarraugh, Alta Wood and Kris McGarraugh Wooten. Kris is Scott and Lindy's daughter. She lives in Oklahoma City. She was here to help her grandmother, Alta celebrate her 96th Birthday. Kris is one beautiful young lady, but how could she miss having a  Beautiful mom, Lindy and a Handsome Dad, Scott. They are all a good looking family.                                       

Linda Kile giving Larry a big ole hug. She thinks I don't see her doing this but I have an eagle eye on her.. I put a spell on Larry and turned him into a pumpkin head. 

Donna Wood, Judy Matthews Wood, & Arnold Wood. Judy & Arnold live in Charlottesville, VA.  Donna and Arnold were brother and sister to the Dixie Dog Queen, Linda Maxwell. Judy has a lot of relatives in this area. She graduated with our son, Glenn McLain in 1967.

          Dell Rae and Vernon Ollenberger

New Members of the Senior Citizen's Center. 

We are so happy to have them join us. It is always good to have new members join the Senior Citizen's Center. Good food and good fellowship.      WE WELCOME YOU!

                                        Larry & Louise McLain 10/13/17

President of the Board, Shelia Harris, conducting the Oct. 18th Annual Board Meeting. Ray Castle gave the invocation.

                                 Sharon and Jim Graves 

What a blessing these two have been to the Senior Citizens Center. Jim is on the Board of Directors and is also a good handy man. He is such a willing worker. Sharon fills in as the cashier and she is there to help in any way she can. She also has that sweet smile as she goes around talking to the people. Thank you so much Sharon and Jim for all you do for us at the Center. May God Bless You.